Wednesday, December 11, 2013

16 Weeks Post Op......

Yeah I know I have gotten slack in my blogging lately my apologies, things have been pretty rough personally around here and I have been in a funk since we've dealt with 2 funerals, a broke down truck, and moving my eldest back in and other bits of drama that I will not and do not care to share on here and let's face it, that just isn't needed. All of this drama and other bits are in God's hands now and it's time to talk about weight loss! Monday I was 16 weeks post op woo hoo!! I lost 4 pounds this past week yay!!! Which brought me to 232!!!!!! I am now 7 pounds away from my first big goal of 100 pounds gone forever!!! I am 7 points from being considered overweight and not obese bigger woo hooo I have been obese FOREVER so it seems so the day I get to just overweight it will be a major accomplishment for me! So I started out in March at 325, date of surgery I was 288 and now I am 232 for a total of 93 pounds lost since March and 56 of that lost since August 19th! I am wearing size 16 jeans when I started out I was in 26/24's I am now in xl/large tops when I started out I was in 3X tops! Of course there are things about the new me I don't like the skin on my neck lol and my sagging upper arms but hey I'd rather deal with that than be the 325 pound woman I was before starting this journey!  I have no regrets about this surgery at all! I'm doing decent with my eating I can tolerate more things, and I hope to get into the gym this coming week after we get all this moving stuff settled down, but it seems every time I plan on starting at the gym something throws a monkey wrench into the deal so I am praying that I can get there! :-) Well that's all I have for now I hope you all are doing well and have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!!!

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