Thursday, November 21, 2013

Three Months Post Op

So hello friends I am behind on blogging and I apologize but my family and I have had two weeks of unimaginable pain and grieving heaped upon us. Last week I lost my Granny so it was run home to NC for her funeral total sadness even though we knew it was going to happen. I miss her dearly she meant a lot to me to say the very least. Then this week my older three's grandpa died so it was back to NC for his funeral which was yesterday, what a sad couple of day's it has been, so hard to watch my older three go through this hard to watch my ex husband and his family go through this, hard for me as well he was my father in law for 12 years and was always good to me, because well that's just who he was even after my ex husband and I divorced he still treated me like family and I'm going to miss seeing him around ever so often. So as you see these couple of weeks have been rough! So I'm sorry I have gotten behind on my blogging. I did have fun last weekend though got to spend time with three awesome friends, did some shopping with them and Diana was awesome and brought me some clothes she has shrunk out of yay!
In weight loss news today I said goodbye to the 240's and now I'm in the 230's woo hoo!! I am now down 87 pounds since March but have lost 50 of that since August 19th that is 50 pounds in THREE MONTHS wow!!!! Unbelievable!!!! I am so happy because in times past of dieting and exercising I have only made it to 250 so when I made it to the 240's I was happy now that I'm in the 230's I feel over the moon happy like I can truly do this! I have no regrets about my choice of Gastric Bypass only that I wish I had done it sooner but that's okay I'll be fit and fabulous by 40! ;-) Going to enjoy my life because it's short and we are not promised tomorrow so I'm going to make the most out of my right now!
Other special achievements:
1. I can cross my legs like a lady ;-)
2. I now have visible collar bones
3. The Iron they put me on is starting to make me feel better energy wise.
4. I can put on a large shirt though it's still snug on me so I wont wear it in public lol
5. I have a neck now!
So that's the scoop y'all! I hope everyone out there is doing well! I'll catch up with y'all later!
<3 Me

Friday, November 1, 2013

10 Weeks Post Op (running behind lol)

Hello everyone!! My blog is a few day's late sorry bout that started painting in the house this week trying to get stuff ready so eventually we can sale the house! So this week I lost 2 more pounds I am praising God I haven't had a stall yet every week I've lost something be it a pound or more and I have been thankful! Over the the left is a picture of me when I started this journey in March and over to the left is me now! I am down 79 pounds since that picture to the right was taken and I have a NECK now! I'm 42 pounds down since August 19th, and yesterday I tried on a size 16 jeans and they fit you can see those in the picture on the right along with my XL Sons of Anarchy shirt my sweet hubby bought me! <3  Now however I will be wearing my 18's for awhile longer as I have but one pair of 16's lol but that's okay I have a friend who is donating to my cause (cause I'm running out of clothes lol) I am enjoying losing weight and I am thrilled that things are going well. However I still see the girl over to the left of the picture when I look in the mirror I mean the first time I saw a full body shot the other week a friend took for me with my hubby and 2 of my kids I had to pull my 16 year old in the room and ask her do I really look like that? Kinda funny yet kinda of sad I know many people struggle with the girl they see in the mirror no matter how much weight they lose. I hope one day my view of myself changes, and that girl over there to the left will quit jumping out in front of me when I look at myself in the mirror. I mean I do feel a little but more confidant these days but still... I did have my check up last week and the doctor was pleased with my progress thus far so yay! I'm waiting to hear back on my lab work praying all my vitamins and etc are doing well! Oh another couple of realizations for me this weigh in:

1. 21 more pounds and I will have lost 100 pounds yay!!!

2. 47 more pounds and I will be in ONDERLAND I'd love to reach that by Christmas but I don't think I will it would be amazing however I just don't see it happening it's November already but I think I"ll be really close though!

Well that's all I have for this week friends chat with you later take care and God Bless you all! <3