Tuesday, August 27, 2013

1 Week and 1 Day Into This Journey

Hello everyone!! Well today I'm one week and one day post op!! I am doing well my left side is a wee bit sore but that's because that is where most of the work is done it's manageable but still at moments feels like a donkey kicked me in the ribs but this too shall pass and I will get stronger and better everyday! I made it back to my pre-op weight yesterday so woot woot I was 288 Monday morning when I stepped on the scale but I stepped on the scale today and I had lost about 4 more pounds putting me at 284 how exciting! Remembering I started this journey out in March weighing 325 pounds I am like 9 pounds away from the first 50 pounds being gone how awesome is that???? I will do a comparison picture the day I loose my first 50 and I think that's how I will roll every 50 pounds or maybe 25 depending on my mood but right now with my first 50 being just a hand grab away I'll wait for those 9 pounds to say adios to me. It's amazing how much life can change going from saying you'll never do this to actually doing it. I never saw the surgery as a cop out or an easy way out trust me on that one I just didn't know that I could commit to it because let me tell you there is not one thing easy about this no sir, no mam and if you think it is perhaps you should study up on what we have to do forever and ever Amen in order for our tool to work or maybe you should ask someone to explain how food has to be measured, how we have to stay on top of our vitamins and etc, how we do have to work out and we do have to make right food choices for ourselves.Only after spending about 34-35 years of my life being overweight/obese did I make this choice at the age of 39 to do this, part of me wishes I didn't wait now but the logical part of me says Lori, all things in God's time he had to prepare my mind and me to be ready for this big of a commitment. Make no mistake about it when I decided to go through with this I did so seeking God's wisdom for me and seeking his mercy and grace to get me through it and he indeed did. I will admit at the end of the waiting game when my best friends and pastor had prayed with me and they were getting ready to leave cause they were going to wheel me away fear sat in I almost cried because of that fear of what if I didn't wake up what about my babies and my husband but I remembered that God was with me and that I sought him through out this journey to RNY Gastric Bypass, I remembered that he would never leave me or forsake me and most of all my key scripture that I have applied to my life over the last year Jeremiah 29:11-13. The only things I can recall after thinking all of that is making it to the OR scooting over to the operating bed, being strapped down and breathing in the lovely stuff they put you to sleep with a few hours later I woke up to quadrupedal vision lol seemed like there was four of the nurse and clock across from me ha! I did well with no issues and I have tolerated everything I have been allowed to eat thus far I am looking forward though to being able to have some pureed foods soon man this full liquid diet is getting old but I'm working on getting in all my fluids and all my protein that is needed and I'm getting there day by day it's an adjustment. I have started taking small walks, learning to get use to my nasty breath which let me warn y'all who are thinking about the surgery with scope there is hope lol!!! Please don't breath on your friends, family, pets or other small animals you may encounter cause whew wee! But this is known as ketosis when your body is burning off all that fat so that's why the breath is kickin'! Well I should be writing several papers so I'm going to close this blog out for now have my check up on Friday morning at 10:30 who knows maybe I'll get to add food wouldn't that be awesome some pureed foods yay Lori all things in time though! I'm thankful for this opportunity and I am thankful for all that God does for me and my family and all he will continue to do God is good....all the time!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

So On The Other Side Of Things......

Well today is Saturday I am now 6 day's post op I did well with my surgery. I was at 288 pounds pre-op came home Wednesday I came home from the hospital and weighed myself and I weighed 305 pounds post op and I knew that was going to happen due to the IV fluids, gasses and etc. Today I'm back down to 295 pounds so not too far from my pre-op weight! Boy I am so thankful I had friends who had this done and warned me ahead of time or I would be depressed right about now lol!! The only things that has me feeling bad right now is I am sick of soup!!!! The taste and texture of it blah! Friday is my follow up appt I'm praying he tells me I can try other stuff! But hey it is what it is and this is just a short period of time and better days are coming! :-) I am so thankful for the wonderful friends I have care pages from Melissa, then Lydia & Diana! Then Judy and Heather brought my mama here to help take care of my babies and then they took me to the hospital and stayed with me until I was released those are some great friends and family right there y'all I am blessed!! I love them and appreciate everyone who helped me out in the past week! I really am not hungry I make myself eat even though I don't want to eat which is a new experience. Well I am going to get off of here and rest a bit just wanted to shoot an update! Hope you all are doing great!!! <3 y'all!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Make It Happen

Hello friends!! Well only 4 more day's to go till my big day! One week after my 39th birthday is my surgery date kinda neat I think ya know my surgiversary will be right after my 40th birthday! I am going to take this tool that I am being given and make the most of it and by my 40th birthday I am going to be a whole other woman! I plan on having an awesome year this year and I'm planing on feeling fabulous on my 40th! I'm looking forward to new things and exciting possibilities! Things have all fallen into place though I hit a few snags here and there one with Tricare and then some other little tiny bits but I have now got everything in place! My mama will be here with my babies to make sure that they are alright thank God for mama's right?!? Two of my bestest friends ever are coming down Sunday bringing my mama to me and they are taking me for my surgery and bonus they are staying with me at the hospital gotta love best friends like that I don't know what I'd do without my girls!! I love them! My best friend Melissa was going to come but stuff came up that she had to attend to and I totally understand and I know that she'd be here if she could and I know she'll be thinking about me and praying for me! I love my friends they are the best! My oldest daughter will be driving my babies back and forth to school so they don't have to ride the bus and I don't have to worry about them missing the stop or mama having to walk out the the street with her feet and ankles giving her a fit so thankful Katie will be here to do that love you baby!! My other kids will be pitching in and so will Kyle to help out around the house they agreed to so now a little less stress. I don't have to worry about a thing! I am excited, anxious and nervous I mean hello it is surgery and they are rerouting my digestive system so yeah...there has been noise in the background...Lori are you sure you want to do this thoughts...Lori you know you love you some food and you know you are going to miss xy and z...but I have found myself saying...no I wont miss it and in time I'll be able to eat like a "normal" person and I'll be retrained to make the right and better choices for myself. The thoughts of something going wrong yep it comes to mind I wont lie I have a family I love friends I love kids I want to grow up but also if I stay this way I run the same risk of having a heart attack and it taking me out as well. So there's risk to changing there's risks to remaining the same and I truly want to be able to do more and enjoy more with my children. I want to feel like playing in the park and doing fun things and I want to be able to be all that I can be as a mother and wife without my weight getting in my way! I know God will watch over me I have talked to him every step of the way and I know Jeremiah 29:11-13 Tells me that he knows the plans he has for me and they are to prosper not to harm I believe in these words with all my heart and soul and I know who holds me in the palm of his hands! So here it goes in 4 more day's we are going to make it happen there will be no more sitting on the sidelines and not feeling good and not feeling worthy, and not being everything I can be for my family, friends and most of all for myself for a change! So on August 19th at 1PM I'll be going in for my surgery so pray for me and the medical staff that will be taking care of me, for my family and my friends as well! I'll talk to y'all later!! <3 Y'all!