Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Haters are gonna always still hate....

Hello my wonderful readers! So today I'm blogging over something I saw on TV yesterday as I sat with my daughter waiting on her doctors appointment. The Joy Fit Club on the Today show was on. And before I go any further let me just say I APPLAUD anyone who loses any weight small, big, massive amounts of weight if they did it on their own or if they had weight loss surgery like myself and many of my friends to each their own you get healthy the best way you can my friends you do what's right for you! However I am just going to start my rant right now! As they introduced each of these wonderful weight loss winners they made it a point to announce they did it WITHOUT surgery .... really who cares what they did it with? I mean they should be applauded for just doing it period no matter how they did it! Just as me and my weight loss surgery friends did it and are doing it the way we are! Please let me tell you this right now and get it off my chest and out of my mind WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY IS NOT the easy way out! For those who think it is walk a day in my shoes or any of my weight loss surgery sisters or brothers! We have to think think think nutrition every time we open our mouths and put food in it. we have to make sure our protein levels, vitamin levels, iron levels are on point even more so than someone who is doing it without the surgery! We have to change our lifestyle and keep it changed it isn't a diet and it should never be called a diet not even by those who are "doing it on their own". It's about changing BAD habits and choices with GOOD habits and choices and if you don't get that idea in your head with or without the surgery you will fail! We also have to exercise just like those I did it on my own folks! But it seems like those who are in the wellness and fitness world love to look down on us who have Gastric Bypass or am I just being overly sensitive? I don't think I am why should they be like oh we did it without surgery well good for you it isn't something that should be pointed out every single time I take nothing away from people who do it on their own but I and many others needed this extra tool to help us lose what we had to lose! I tried for years to lose weight on my own I have battled my body for years only to hit brick wall after brick wall! In all my desperation to lose weight I auditioned for Biggest Loser even. After years of trying I had to finally admit that PCOS wasn't going to allow my body to do this "on my own" and after going through months of weight management, classes, psych evals, all other sorts of testing and jumping through hoops I finally got approved for my surgery and to date from the day I started working on this journey in March of 2013 I have lost well gotten rid of lost implies that I might want it back lol and I don't I've gotten rid of 102 pounds and I wouldn't change a thing about my choice well maybe I'd decide to get it done sooner rather than later but that's about all I'd change! This was an awesome choice as I sit here down to 223 pounds when I use to weight 325 pounds (probably there were times I was up in the 330's I just didn't weigh myself because I had given up hope) But seriously people like this who have to seemingly demean us who did opt to have a tool added to our toolbox of weight loss need to stop and they need to educate their selves and the rest of the world that we aren't lazy we did NOT pick an easy way out we struggle and fight for our pounds lost just as much as the next guy and our victories are just as sweet as those who do it on their own! It had me so fumed that I actually emailed the show and I never do stuff like that just like I never do stuff like this here is the email address if you want to email the show yourself if your a weight loss surgery patient and let them know we work just as hard as those who do it on their own! Y'all have a great and blessed day!

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