Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Too Fat...Too Skinny....Too None of Your Business!

Over the last week or two there has been a lot of talk about the latest Biggest Loser winner and I'd like to address that here in my weight loss blog! You know in society you get looked at like a three headed calf if your too fat at 325 pounds I was laughed at, and looked at funny when I went out shopping or to eat say it isn't so please say it isn't so because if you say it isn't so I'll tell you, you are clueless my friends! Everyone seems to be the "authority" on how others should look, what they should weight, and how they should be. But at the end of the day if I was a healthy, happy 325 pound woman and as long as you aren't paying my bills or doing anything for me then who are you to say what I should or shouldn't do? Well let's look at the other end of this spectrum Rachel Frederickson from this seasons Biggest Loser the grand prize winner! She weighed in at 105 pounds and is 5 foot 4 inches. People in society yet again judging and being the "authority" on what is healthy and what is right for someone else! At this weight and her height her BMI is 18.0 which does put her a tad but underweight to be at a "healthy BMI" she'd only have to have it at 18.6 so really what is the big deal? It's her body if she is happy and healthy then who are any of us to try to shame her? I mean as a big girl I have felt shamed ...but everyone going around saying she looks anorexic or she has issues here's a rude awakening folks YOU DO NOT KNOW what is going on with Rachel she could have lost all this weight through diet and exercise why does she have to be "anorexic"? Just because she doesn't fit in a nice little box created by an ugly society? I say to her you go girlfriend as long as you are happy and healthy you enjoy life you celebrate your great victory! I celebrate every pound I lose, every step till I reach that point where I'm happy with how I am and who I am I wont let society tell me what I should or shouldn't be they are not the authority on me or my life just like they aren't the authority on anyone else's life! For me my goal is to be 150-160 pounds but that's where I will feel healthy and happy...someone else might want to be smaller 120-130 and that is their prerogative to each their own. Well now that I'm done ranting about this here is my weight update since I haven't done a blog in a bit:
Start weight: 325

Day of Surgery: 288

Today: 218

That is a grand total of 107 pounds gone forever!! Only 19 more pounds to ONEderland and only 58 till my goal weight I got this! I can now wear a size 12 jeans and a medium shirt! I started out in size 26 jeans and 3x Shirts! So proud of all my accomplishments enjoying the new me and I refuse to allow anyone to tell me I'm too anything anymore I'm just right ;-) the way I am and the way I'm headed! Y'all have a great night and thanks for reading! <3 Me

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