Friday, March 14, 2014

Stalls Just Stink But Onward and Downward Dang It!

Howdy friends! Well I am now 7 months out from my Gastric Bypass and have hit a stall been holding at 215 for a few weeks gotta admit I'm not thrilled about this at all! But it is what it is and I know eventually that scale will move again! I mean really I can't complain I have got great stats and I'm happy! I've gone from 325 (honestly probably was at my largest 330+ because once I hit 330 I quit looking because then I'd have to admit I had  major issues with food but by the time I decided gastric bypass was for me I had started eating healthier so when I weighed again I was at 325 so I use that as my starting point)
So highest weight in Feb. 2013- 325

Weight day of surgery August 19,2013- 288
Weight Currently March 14,2014: 215
So really not too shabby I ain't crying! :-) I'm just so close to ONEderland I wish that those 16 pounds would just hit the road and allow me to do a little celebrating cause my first big goal was getting that first 100 pounds gone getting under 200 is my next big goal after that getting to my goal weight of 150 is my final as far as losing goals after that it's to maintain and stay fit and healthy the rest of my life as long as God blesses me with my life!
So I did my measurements yesterday as well and that's what I do when I don't see the scale move as quickly as I like lol so I think it was a total of six inches lost since my last measurements but let me share what I have lost in inches since I started this trip to a new me!

Waist= 16 inches lost so far
Hips=15 inches lost so far
Chest= 18 inches lost so far
Neck=4.5 inches lost so far
For a total of 53.5 inches down

So that makes me sooooo happy happy happy! 53 inches gone of me for ever and 110 pounds gone as well now if this next bit of weight could just get on it's way off I'll be thrilled but I am truly thankful for all God has done for me and helped me through this time in my life! It has been stressful lately around the house so I'm thinking that has helped add to my stall so some of that stress has been shaken off as well and I have gotten me a gym membership so I have been working out more so I'm sure I'll see some weight shifts here soon! Also recently did a 5k mud run with some awesome friends we had a blast together love them! Got a color run 5k coming up on May 3rd looking forward to that as well!
Well that's all I got for now folks hope all is well with y'all! 

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