Sunday, April 20, 2014

From Stay At Home Mom & Student to Working Woman

Hey y'all long time no update! Well I'm down 113 pounds wish it were more but in time I can't wait to be under 200 but I'm at 212 now! Praying those 13 pounds go away soon!! But here is my big news, after spending the last 13 years at home, in school and raising children! Well I got an email a few weeks ago about updating my application at a place I had applied to and I did so and right after updating it I got an email for an interview!! Wow! Well did the interview and let me tell you boy has interviewing changed since the last job I held! It was online and telephone! But at the end of the interview I was offered a job! Friday April 18th I started my new job! It's full time 40 hours a week $9 an hour working at a call center. I was happy I get every Sunday off thank you God and thank you God for the job because honestly we needed the job! For the first six weeks I will be working 7AM-3:30PM Monday through Friday but after that I'll be working 11AM - 7:30PM which kinda makes me sad cause I know it'll be bedtime for the babies by the time I get home I was hoping for an earlier shift also my shift is not going to allow me to help much with VBS which makes me sad as well I love being active in my church helping with VBS and youth activities but for now this is how it has to be and I am thankful for what God has given me with this job! I will still be going to school so this will be a juggling act for me. I'll be looking forward to finishing school and pursuing the area in which God would have me go! But until then...I'm now officially a full time working woman answering phone calls, this should be interesting!

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