Monday, September 16, 2013

4 Week's Post Op

Well last week I spent the week gaining and losing the same pound which was really annoying me. But today when I did my officially down 4 more pounds this week bringing my total the last 4 weeks to 26 pounds gone forever! I am at 262 just a few more pounds and I'll be in the 250's woo hooo! But I have lost a total of 63 pounds since March of this year so from 325 to 262 awesomeness! Can't wait to see how much I can lose by Christmas!! 
In other news I bought myself a pretty Orange Bicycle today woo hoo gonna race around the neighborhood so the dogs want chase me down the street ha ha ha! Also about to invest in some new shoes or a new hair do who knows! Got my medical ID bracelet ordered and some unflavored protein to see how I like that think I'll get me some fresh berries and what not and hook myself on up and have something a little different! So that's my news for this week I hope you all are doing well! <3 

Monday, September 9, 2013

3 Weeks Post-op Weigh In Time

Well here I sit three weeks post op today, and I am pleased to report I lost 5 pounds this past week! No it's not the 17 pounds I lost last week but every week can't be big number weeks! I'm thankful for every pound that is gone forever! So that puts me at 266 today out of the 270's and I am praying next week will find me out of the 260's! I have lost a total of 22 pounds since my surgery and a grand total of 59 pounds since I started my weight management in March woo hoo! I am so happy, I find myself feeling better, less depressed, I do my hair and make up more and I feel better about myself. Also I am now out of my size 22 jeans they will be rehomed this week! And I actually put on a 1x shirt yesterday and it FIT!!! If I could have done cartwheels I would have! I am so looking forward to each week and what it can hold, I know there will be weeks coming up where the weight loss will stall I'm prepared for that mentally because I know what to expect thanks to great friends who have informed me and encouraged me. Although I am sure I'll pout a little but hey I know it'll get started up again! I need to focus on getting my walking in more and more this past week has been busy so I didn't do as much as I should have so this week no excuses I will get in at least one good walk a day if not two. I don't care how much work I have to do! Speaking of work I have papers I need to do today because I did other work that was due for my classes last night and I got too sleepy so my morning/afternoon will be spent on my computer working away but hey after that I can breath easy!! Well that's my update I hope you all are doing well!!
<3 Me

Monday, September 2, 2013

2 Weeks Post Op

Hello friends!!! Hope you are all doing well!!! Well today makes 2 weeks since my surgery I am feeling lots better hardly no soreness maybe a twinge ever so often. I do get tired faster than I normally would Doctor said it was the effects of that anesthesia and it would wear off in time and I'd get my ability to not tire so quickly back. Although last week I was bursting at the seams with energy but couldn't do much with it lol, my post op check up went great I have another appt on Sept 11th he was pleased with what I had lost and when I saw him I had only lost 10 pounds since surgery but as of right now since last Monday when I got back to my pre-op weight I am down from 288 to 271 for 17 pounds gone in a week! But a grand total of 54 pounds gone forever since March of this year yay me!!! I know this week probably will not yield 17 pounds but I am thankful for the 17 that are gone forever now just as I'll be thankful for whatever I lose this week! I know there will be stalls but I know they will end and pass unlike my epic 4-5 mth stalls I had when I was working on weight loss before!  And on another note I was allowed to have mushy food and I have been able to tolerate everything I have tried so far so that is awesome, hopefully this will continue to be how it works! I guess that is pretty much all the news I currently have!! Just figured I'd do a small update! Hope you all have a great day!! <3 Me