Friday, April 26, 2013

Week 9 Day 1.....Adios 300's hello 200's NEVER again!

Well it's that time of the week again my friends my weekly weigh in (new pictures coming soon when my child gets home from school and can take them for me cause today is the day I would update my progression pictures)! Well today I am down 5 whole pounds from last week!!! I am out of the 300's thank you God for walking with me through this cause I know it is you that keeps me strong as I face all of my food issues! So let's look back a month ago...
Last month I weighed in at 306
Today I weighed in at 297
that is 9 pounds for this month that is nothing to sneeze at that is pure awesomeness!!! From my highest weight of 325 pounds down to 297 that's a total of 28 pounds gone FOREVER AND EVER AMEN! From the time I started seeing my doctor I was 321 at my first weigh in so that puts me down 24 pounds! From my first progression picture I was 323  so that's 26 pounds gone! I'll need to do my measurements later as well I'll include that with my updated progression picture but I am so happy to have made my goal this week I was just aiming for 299 but to go all the way to 297 yessss it made me soo happy! I now am hoping to be under 290 when I go for my surgery pending insurance approval, and pending my 2 other doctor weigh in's and my psych eval! My Psych eval is on Tuesday May 30th at 10:20 so if some reason you don't hear from me the rest of the day on Tuesday well one can assume he decided to have me locked up bahh haa haa! Nah I'm not crazy regardless to what some think ;-) My 2nd weigh in with my doctor is on May 7th then I'll have one more in June then I am going to make sure that my weight loss center in Columbia has all they need to submit to Tri Care and wait on their approval for my surgery and they best approve it cause I have been being a super good girl! I can't wait I am so excited to start this next chapter of my life, I am so excited to be able to do so many things I haven't ever been able to do before and more importantly to feel confident and secure in my own self. Please pray with me that the next few things go smoothly and that I get the approval from my insurance company I don't want to have to fight with them over this but I will! I reassure everyone that it took me a long time to feel comfortable and feel like I could do this, the choice for Gastric Bypass Surgery wasn't made on a whim I took my time, I am well educated on the surgery both from reading and from the seven friends I have who have had it as well and no it's not a peer pressure thing bahh haa haa no I'm not doing it cause all my friends did it, no if they jumped off a bridge I wouldn't jump off with them lol watching them go through this, watching them do it and it work for them and seeing them showed me I didn't have to be afraid and that I could do it and that I could A. Believe in myself B. Succeed at losing this weight and C. feel good about the choice I made cause I know God has walked me through every step I have gone through so far I have prayed and prayed over this choice so I know and I am certain that this is the right choice for me. God has brought so many wonderful changes in my life over the last few years and I feel this is just another one a chance to live life as I always should have fearlessly, courageously without being scared of being judged because of my weight and not being held back because of it either! I am excited about life and I am excited on the new life that is waiting for me post op! Well y'all have a wonderful and belssed day!! <3 Me

Monday, April 22, 2013

Goal Setting...Ain't Nuttin' To It But To Do It!

Good morning friends! Last week's weigh in only left me a few pounds to till I'm out of the 300's forever and ever! So this week I'm making it my personal goal to put that under my feet and to be done with the 300's by Friday's weigh in! Things are going well but this week I am going to focus on getting these few pounds off and reaching my goal by Friday I am going to make sure every day ever ounce of water I need get's taken in and make sure I'm doing some form of activity every day! If I reach that goal I will already be at the goal the doctor sat for me for my May 7th weigh in but hey if I lose a few extra pounds past it, it's all good!! I am going to do that cabbage soup diet with my hubby this week so between being active and that I should drop those few pounds and probably a few more! I think goals are great to set it's always nice to know what your aiming for even nicer to know that by Friday I will no longer be in the 300's and I will never see that ever again! It's nice to know that! On Friday I'll close that chapter of my weight issues no more 300's ever again!! I'm looking even more so forward to saying adios to the 200's but I know it'll take time but I'll get there! Psych eval is coming up next week I'll be so happy to cross off yet another thing from my pre-op to do list! Each thing I cross off my to do list just means I'm that much closer yay! I so can't wait till they submit all my insurance company and hopfully get my surgery date hopefully they will approve it! I'm going to update all my food diary today as well so I'll have all that together if they need it got a nice binder full of information! :-) Well time for me to get these babies to school! Hope you all have a blessed day! <3 Me

Friday, April 19, 2013

Week 8 Day 1..... A Pound is a Pound

Well today is my weigh in day and I am down only a pound but hey a pound is a pound I'll take what I can get! So I'm down to 302 today only 2 more pounds and I'll be out of the 300's I am determined to be out of the 300's by next week!! I will never see the 300's again! I refuse to do this to me ever again I am going to enjoy my next 40 years if God sees fit to bless me with 40 more I'll take what he gives 40-50-60 more years whatever is his will for my life! So I'm down 21 pounds from when I opened my fitness pal account but officially down 23 pounds from my highest. In other weight related news I had my echocardio gram done this week on Wednesday so hopefully all is well with it and that part of my pre op stuff will be done! On April 30th I have my Psych Eval at 10:20AM after that is over with just 2 more weigh in's and they will submit all my information to my insurance company to get the approval for the surgery and then after it is approved we'll set a date..I'm excited and so ready to get this surgery and start the next new happier chapter of my life one in which I'll have more energy, hurt less and enjoy so much more than I have! I have made a discovery this week...I went outside and saw my oldest son's bike sitting there and thought hmm I haven't rode a bike since I was 14 years old and so I decided to hop on it and give it a try so I got on it and zoomed around the block on it! I had so much fun! Rode it again this morning and got chased by a tiny dog ha ha! I want my own bike one with a bigger seat for comfort reasons tiny seat and big old butt..yeah doesn't make for much comfort for sure! Well that is about all I have for this week! Hope you all are doing well!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Week 7 Day 1.....And the scale said what....

Hello everyone!! Well yesterday (Friday) was my weigh in day but I didn't get to do my blog had a lot going on yesterday and also this morning so I'm sitting down and doing my weekly weigh in blog! Well I was down another 3 pounds, which makes for 20 pounds from when I started tracking my weight but honestly about 22 pounds from my highest weight of 325 so that puts me at 303! My doctor wants me to be at 299 by May 7th so we will see what happens I think I can make it. It's nice to see the pounds go knowing I'll never be that weight again. Each pound gone is like a little more freedom, a little more confidence, a little happier, a little more light hearted it's nice! I actually feel like doing more these days even though my feet and ankles swell and hurt. I went for a ride with my husband and our younger two and I don't do that well I haven't done that in forever. Most day's I just as soon sit in the house stare at my computer and piddle around. But I went out riding with my husband and kids we had dinner together, went to the thrift shop and looked around, let the kids play and slung some mudd on his lovely white truck not a whole lot but just a little ha ha! He showed me some places he likes to go fishing, the sun felt great on my face and I actually smiled without even realizing I was smiling, this thing astonished my husband apparently I don't smile that often I never even noticed. I was enjoying the breeze coming in the window cause we had the windows down and the sun was shining on my face and he said ... are you smiling? Is that an actual smile I see? I laughed but sitting here thinking about it I guess I don't really smile that much around him anymore, I guess it just seems like there is always something going on and too much of this and too much of that and I just forget to take a few minuets and smile and enjoy life. So if 303 pound Lori can smile I can't wait to see what 150 Lori can do cause that is my goal weight that's like half of who I currently am! I can't wait to get the next few months over with hoping and praying all my stuff goes through with Tri Care so I can get it done without having to resubmit and doing more and more. This week coming up is the Echocardiogram on the 17th at 7:45AM! So that is what I have going on this week. Well going to wrap up this blog hope you all are doing well! 
<3 Me

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring = More Spring In My Step :-)

Well I don't know about y'all but I sure am glad to see spring like weather paying us a visit I was about to think the thermometer got stuck in the winter season and we were never going to see warmer weather! With some warmer weather I am starting to feel a tad bit more perkier!! With that I have started getting more active! This month I am not only focusing on what I put into my mouth but what I am doing physically to achieve my weight loss goals. So this weekend I took me and two of my daughters for a stroll around the beautiful park here in Sumter (Swan Lake) and yesterday I went all by myself. I have never been one to do things alone but hey sometimes it's just the way it is and you have to suck it up and go it alone. Those are the moments I get sad though because I know if I were back home in North Carolina I could find someone to go and do stuff like walking and etc with me but hey you gotta make the best out of every situation you are handed so I suck it up and do what I have to. Over the last 9 years I've gotten good at sucking it up and doing what I have to military life is just that way, you move you make friends you move again you lose friends normally you make new friends again but this time around I haven't really tried to because of various reasons trust issues, not wanting to deal with drama and etc but you know that kinda hurts to on days you wish you had someone to go do stuff with you like walk, shop, and stuff like that. But anyways the walk yesterday was nice it was quiet and I think quiet time is good also for you it was in the morning so it was peaceful the park wasn't that busy. I used the quiet time to walk, look around and enjoy nature and have a little chat with God you need that daily time with God just as much as you need daily time with your children and your spouse so I used that as my daily time with him yesterday. In other news I have been logging my food like a good girl I did take a day off as I do like every other week or so I have one day where I don't focus on writing everything down, I know my limits and I know what I should or shouldn't eat. I may allow myself one guilty pleasure but I can tell the difference I feel when I eat what is good for me and have my guilty pleasure lol I get lazier my energy level isn't great but it diminishes greatly when your not fueling your body and your only fooling your body. I have also noticed I tend to be more happier and more upbeat as well as long as I'm sticking strictly to my plan maybe the day's of an occasional guilty pleasure is over with for me lol I have been doing excellent I have faced many things that normally I love love love like Krispy Kreme my appts in Columbia put me driving right by that place and many of the time's I have gone by the hot and now sign is on but I kept on going it felt good to keep on going and not be weak and give in. Working on the healthier lifestyle definitely has it's good points! Yesterday I also got the rest of my blood work results back in not only do I have low protein issues (which by the way should be resolved by now cause I am making certain I am getting what I should be getting in and then some) but my Vitamin D levels are low as well so they called me in a prescription I should be able to get that today, I have had that issue before when we first came home from England it's not a big deal. Other than that the rest of my blood work was just fine! Next week is my echocardiogram and the following week my Psychological Evaluation then it's weigh ins from here on out till June and then we shall go from there! I did start going to a support group last night and I was so nervous about it because of not knowing anyone but I'm glad I went I met some really nice and funny ladies! I think I shall keep on going it's only once a month so it shouldn't be an issue!  Well that's all I got for now till my Friday weigh in and the scale is moving this week thank you God lol I can handle a stall ever so often lol but I need to lose 8  pounds by May 7th when I go back in for my 2nd weigh in so I need to make sure I am doing all that I can to get my weight doing what it needs to do. Y'all take care and I'll talk to you later! <3 Me

Friday, April 5, 2013

Week 6 Day 1.... No change, No big deal...keep on keeping on...

Hi friends!! Well today starts week six! There is no weight loss to report no weight gain to report either it's a big old stall this week but that's okay I lost so much last month I'm good I'm not going to get all bent out of shape over it! I surpassed the goal my doctor had sat for me she wanted me down to 313 when I went in yesterday and I was down to 306!! So she was tickled to say the least I think she is thinking wow you lost 14 pounds for me in one month why are you even thinking about the gastric bypass I got that feeling from her yesterday but I assure you just as I did her if I felt I could lose all I need to lose without it I wouldn't have it but I know how my body works trust me I have been in this body for almost 39 years now I know what it is capable of doing and not doing the first few months I can lose and then I'll hit that magic number and no matter how persistent I am no matter how I switch things up it wont budge and I'll get depressed and I will just eat and eat until I gain it all back and then some! I'm getting off of this yo-yo constant battle I don't need it I don't want to yo-yo anymore I just want to feel great physical, emotionally and mentally! So this is where I am and I will stay the course no matter if those who look at me like wow you lost that much you should just keep on that way you are currently going! I'm excited about this and I have 2 more month of doctor weigh ins before I can get my paperwork submitted to Tri Care for my approval super excited!! Well yesterday I had my relaxation class it was very relaxing lol and my Nutrition test which I passed! Now April 17th I have my Echocardiogram then I can check that off my to do list. My PCM is looking for an in network psychologist where I can get my Psych Eval because the one the clinic gave me is not one that takes my insurance so after that is done I can check that off of my list of to do things. My final weigh in at my PCM's will be in June my next one is May7th and she wants me to lose at least 8 pounds this month. So we shall see what I can do going to start walking and getting some exercise thrown in the mix. If that works out then I will be under 300 pounds woo hoo! I'd like to be like 290 or so going into surgery for better recovery and less chance of them hurting important organs like my liver I kinda need that just a tad lol! I'm still waiting to hear more about my blood work from the nurse going to call her today. The Nutritionist called me and said my protein levels were a tad low so I'm working on making sure that I get those up so that I will heal well after surgery. So that's about all that has been going on around here as far as weight loss and advancement towards my RNY! Kids have been out for Spring Break and my Father In Law was here for a week they loved having grandpa here it was a nice visit! So there's my update for the week hopefully my scale will tell a different tale next week but for now I'm holding and not going up or down and I'll take that! Hope you all have a wonderful and blessed week! xoxo