Monday, October 21, 2013

9 Weeks Post Op

Well good morning y'all! Today I am officially 9 weeks post op!! I am down 2 more pounds this week which puts me at 250 I had honestly thought I'd be under 250 this week but hey I'll take those 2 pounds I lost happily cause that puts me at 75 pounds total since March and a total of 38 since August 19th! I have a check up on the 23rd with my surgeon so I am hoping that by then I'll be under 250, I'll update y'all after my appointment! In other news as always life is stressful, please keep me in your prayers as I really really need them and truly appreciate them! I'm going to start painting the house (inside this week) so we can get the show on the road the goal is to have the house market ready by the first of the year and hopefully it will sale quickly and me and the kiddos can move to Beaufort to be with Wayne in a new place all together that would be awesome! Well until later y'all! <3 Me

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

52 Pounds till....ONEDERLAND

Hello friend's another blog why? Because I can of course! While pondering how far I have come and how far I have left to go I realize that I'm only 52 pounds away from what many obese/overweight people strive for and that is blessed ONEDERLAND!! I have not weighed under 200 pounds probably since elementary school. I am super excited considering I have lost 73 pounds already 52 seems just like a drop in the bucket so to speak! Though I'm sure there will be stalls between me and the next 52 pounds but I can't wait till I get on the scale and see a ONE instead of a TWO! I can't possibly explain that excited me of just thinking about my goals being attainable now when once they were no where near attainable! Life get's better day by day even on day's when some foods give me issues! Also I went on a most lovely hike with my husband yesterday we had such fun he and I don't get much alone time but a little alone time and some exercise is a great way to spend the morning!  Well that is all I have for now have a grrrreat day! <3 Me
Me hiking yesterday :-)

Monday, October 14, 2013

Eight Weeks Post Op

Good morning friends, family and anyone else who might happen to stumble across my blog! Well today I am 8 weeks post op!! I am down 36 pounds in the last eight weeks!! But I'm down a grand total of 73 pounds since March!! Just a few more pounds to go and I'll be out of the 250's forever and ever Amen! I am super excited another 4 pounds gone this week!! To celebrate I think me and my husband shall go for a hike or a nice long walk just the two of us since he is off today I got to have him for a 3 day weekend yay! It is always nice to have a little longer with him, we sure do miss having him around the house! I finished up my classes last night so therefore I can start putting some time and effort into more exercise time for me and also into some working on fixing this house up so we can put the house on the market and move out of here and relocate to Beaufort so we can all be a family under one roof cause this get's hard on both ends Wayne's end of things and my end of things and the kiddos miss daddy in their lives daily, but it's a sacrifice we make so we can pay the bills, we are use to making sacrifices but it sure would be nice to be a full time family it get's hard to play the role of mommy, daddy and student all at the same time I am stretched way too thin most days. Anyway the picture I used for my blog this morning was taken at my friends Amy &Alex's wedding this Saturday and I couldn't believe that, that was me in the picture I know it's common for anyone who looses weight not to identify with the person in the picture because that's now who I see in the mirror I still see the 325 pound woman in fact I had to ask Annie do I really look like that? Funny how our real image vs. our self image never matches up! Just for a reality check I'll include a picture taken of me around this time last year at the end of my blog just for a little comparison. I hope you all have a great week this week!! Take care, God Bless! <3 Me
This picture is of me and Amy at last years Fall Festival at church!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Week 7 Post Op

Well I think blogger is finally going to allow me to post I guess it must have been something to do with hubby's computer! So here I am 7 weeks post op well that was Monday today is Friday! Well Monday I weighed in at 256 pounds so that gave me a 4 pound loss for week 7! I started out in March at 325 and now I'm at 256 that's a total of 69 pounds gone since then!! But day of surgery I was 288 so that puts me down 32 pounds in 7 weeks to me that is awesome! I have lost more this week as well but I have been sick to so I haven't been able to eat like I should! I have truly been struggling to get in all my protein and water y'all pray for me to get this right I don't want to have any other health issues because I can't manage my food and water! My size 20's are getting a little roomy but still not small enough for my 18's just yet but I imagine I'll be in them in another week or two it's crazy cause after that I'll be out of clothes lol I'll have to find some cash somewhere to hit up the Goodwill store yes Goodwill cause I'm not entertaining investing in brand new clothes till I'm done losing weight that is my treat for reaching my goal weight which is somewhere between 160-150 pounds and I have about 90-100 pounds left to go sounds like a lot but heck I'm down 69 right now so to me I have accomplished a lot already and I will continue to do so! After next Monday I'll be 8 weeks post op and I should be able to lift and do what I like! I think my sense of being hungry is finally coming back now if I can get the sense of being full to kick in so I don't over do it I'm keeping it small amounts though. Well that's about all I have to update on currently I'll see y'all on Monday and I'm so glad I got this account working I was dreading transferring all my stuff over to another blog area. So have a great weekend take care and God Bless! <3 Me

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Weeks 5&6 Post Op

Hello friends and family! I hope that you all are doing well today! I am so sorry for not updating my blog but life has been busy really busy and really stressful with Wayne working away and me being mommy and daddy at home, moving my oldest and her husband out and trying to stay on top of school yes I have been stressed I still am! Please keep us in your prayers that we get this house together and sold I did purchase some of the paint I need to get started on painting the inside of the house so I will hopefully do some of that this coming week as my classes are coming to a close which I am thrilled about! Anyways on week 5 I lost a pound then week 6 I lost another pound this past Monday was week six which brought me to 28 pounds gone since surgery and a total of 65 gone since march and I was weighing 260 pounds yesterday! Well I did my measurements and I was down 7 inches this time woo hooo and my BMI when I started was 52.5 and now it is 42 so that is down 10 points, granted I'm still considered "obese" but I'm getting there! Well most of you know I am a scale junkie I try and try to break the habit but alas no success in that area well I hopped on my good old trusty scale and low and behold I was down 2 more pounds today I am out of the 260's here's where it's going to get interesting I have been down to 250 before and couldn't lose anymore so here it is if I lose past 250 I shall do the happy happy dance and cartwheels or handstands so since this mornings weigh in lol I am down 30 pounds since August 19th, and 67 pounds since March! I am super excited I hope the rate of weight loss stays the same as it is so far this week but if I only lose those two pounds I'll take them because that's 2 pounds less that I have to worry about ever again! In other news I got to walk with a good online friend of mine today finally got to meet Lydia after years of chatting on facebook she is such a sweetie and is doing pretty darn awesome herself!!! She looks amazing! Other than that the government shut down is effecting us a little we still haven't seen Wayne's retirement yet though they say we will get it others have got their retirement pay I guess we will wait it out and see and trust in the Lord he always provides away for us and for that I am thankful God has held our hands so many times when we have faced hard times and I'm sure he will continue to do so! Well I hope you all are doing well but that's all I got for now! <3 Me