Friday, May 31, 2013

Week 14 day One FINALLY!!!!!!!

Good morning friends and family how are y'all this lovely Friday morning? Well this blog is going to be short and sweet as I have grocery getting to do, a pharmacy run and I have to clean clean clean as my daughter is having a good friend over tonight that she hasn't seen in forever!!! <3  Well today's weigh in was much better than the last three weeks I lost 4 whole pounds today thank you God because though I was trying to remain upbeat and focused I was starting to feel beaten by the scale even though I was wearing my 22's this week! So here's to not giving up and to holding on with bull dog tenacity. So I am down to 292 which is 33 pounds from my highest weight but 29 pounds from what my doctor has on record cause I started loosing weight before my first weigh in I figured why wait :-) Gosh almost out of the 290's yay me!! I am super happy to have 33 pounds behind me that's like half of my 6 year old wow that puts it in perspective lol!  So yay me! My final weigh in is coming up still haven't heard back from the Psychologist if I don't hear from him by Monday about my next appt I am going to contact him myself. I ain't planning on sitting on my paperwork I'm ready to get it all submitted and be on my way to getting my date for surgery. I'm not going to lie part of me is getting a wee bit anxious but I'll be praying on it and follow God's will for me. Well I'm off I have so much to get done later y'all! <3

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cleaning Out My Personal Closet....

 "And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpillar, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you" (Joel 2:25).

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week 13 Day 1 (last Friday's Blog late again) ... HELP!!!!!!!

So yet another weigh in comes and goes and Lori has not lost another pound!! I am doing my absolute best to be positive reminding myself I haven't gained any of it back. I'm battling old snacking habits since my classes have started back and I'm an online student which leave me at my computer the majority of the time. Top that with I'm dealing with a lot of stuff going on within my home with all the kids here fixing to get out of school. My oldest and her husband are still living with us and I'm trying to plan my soon to be 16 year olds sixteenth birthday. I have felt disgruntled and displaced cause I don't have one bit of time to myself top that with being homesick and getting ready for hubby to retire can we say stressseeddd out???!!! Then add the fact that I have had a nasty case of home sickness going on I miss my family and my friends back in North Carolina the last nine years of moving and being away is catching up to me pretty badly lately as much as I hate to admit it I feel like I should just suck it up and that I'm being a big crybaby sometimes. But honestly I'm ready to fix up this house put it on the market or rent it out and just move closer to North Carolina. I'm just not feeling Sumter,SC anymore I don't have much here besides my kids and hubby and for nine years that has been enough for me, but I can't find a job here, the only time I communicate in person with other adults is at church on Sunday's. So you see my life is pretty much home, computer, family and it's getting old! I want to be closer to my parents, I want to be closer to my friends so if I want to go shopping or anything I can pick up the phone and be like hey lets meet up here or how about we get together and grill out or something but..nope don't have that here it gets so lonely! Okay the majority of this has not been weight loss related I'm sorry lol I digress into my stress! :-) I'm still breathing, I have a roof over my head and a family most importantly I have God I shouldn't complain. But hey if I lost a pound or two this coming Friday I'd be a lot happier!! :-D I did try on a pair of size 22's and they fit and there was a little extra room in it so maybe I'm redistributing my fat lol hee hee!! So that's my good news from 26's to 22's that's always nice yay Lori!! Well that's all I got till this coming Friday praying I'll have a loss my last weigh in with my doctor is coming up June 7th I'm still waiting for the Psychologist to call me back about going over my Psych Evaluation so we shall see he need not take too much time cause I want to get this surgery hopefully July/August with much luck!! Well that's all I have for today! I've whined enough! <3 Me

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I've Played 20 Questions But Never 600 Questions!

So today was my Psych Eval with a doctor who does do the test that I needed for my RNY Gastric Bypass Surgery. The last one...ummm yeah that didn't work for me but thank God it was caught before it went up to Tri Care for approval or they would have rejected my request. So my appt was at 10:15AM this morning and I managed to be 15 minuets late thankfully the doctor was very understanding and still saw me would have totally stunk if he was like um no but I called him and told him I was a wee bit behind! I got there and he talked to me about 10 minuets maybe and then handed me a ton of questionnaires! Never in my life have I had to answer so many questions about my feelings, thoughts and other random tidbits! I bet you that there was probably 600 questions! Some of them were the same questions just worded differently yeah nice try tripping me up I'm on to you Doc your evil plot to trick me didn't work muuhaa haa haaa!! But anyways I started the massive amount of questionnaires at around 10:45AM I finished about 12:30PM and boy let me tell y'all I did not have a bite to eat this morning before I left all I had was coffee I was starving!! I had planned on stopping and getting me something from somewhere but the GPS failed to take me back into town where the stores were so I had to suffer till I got to Sumter and grabbed me a wrap which I scarfed down totally! So yes back to the Doctor, he wasn't hardly in his office he left me there all alone to fill out my paperwork he said well when your done just toss it on the front desk and I'll go over your assessments and then call you for an appt to go over the findings and work on the notes for your surgery. So one more appt with him and then one more weigh in then many prayer's that Tri Care will approve me! So well that's all I got for now my update of the day lol! I hope you all are doing well! <3

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Week 12 Day 1.....slow going for real! (Sorry this one is a bit late)

Hi friends sorry my blog is behind just been busy busy busy! So this is the post that should have been posted on Friday and it never made it! Well Friday's weigh in came and there was nothing to report no loss no gain week before was only a pound so it's been slow going I knew it was going to slow down I mean I have lost almost 30 pounds in three mths time so for me just doing low carb and getting my walking in it isn't going to be large numbers like at first when I was giving up the soda and drinking more water. I do hope to see a loss this coming Friday though a couple of pounds would be awesome I'd like to be under 290 before my surgery whenever that's going to be! I am hoping and praying Tri Care does go ahead and approve it! I did find another Psychologist to do my psych eval  after all the drama from the other doctor not being able to do what I needed him to! And that appt is sat up for tomorrow at 10:15 AM so hopefully he'll find that I'm not as crazy as everyone thinks I am ha ha!  So after that I just have my 1 more weigh in at my doctors and then we'll submit my pre-op stuff to Tri Care and hopefully they will approve me and not make me jump through anymore hoops! Well that's all I got for now I'll update after my Psych Eval because I know everyone is going to want to know the verdict ....sane or insane that is the question...stay tuned for the answer! <3 Me

Friday, May 10, 2013

Week 11 Day 1.... One by One....

So today is the first day of week 11 and I did my weekly weigh in I am down 1 pound this week okay lets face it every week is not going to be a five pound week! Last week was a stall this week I got a pound and I'll take that pound and I'll be happy with it! I am offically down 29 whole pounds from my highest weight of 325 and I am down 27 pounds from my first ever weigh in with my doctor! So yay!!! Almost 30 whole pounds gone forever! So I have gone down from 325 to 296! My doctor wants me down another 8lbs by June 7th here's hoping it works out for me! Went for a walk with my hubby person tonight that was nice for a change! In other news yeah the "Psych Eval" has to be redone cause the other doctor I got sent to a big old waste of time. He didn't do the tests the wanted done and the surgeons office the one they refer us to don't accept Tri Care argh! So today after being totally furious almost to the point of tears I checked out the Tri Care website and found one that does do the test so now I'm waiting for my PCM to put in a referal lets see how long this takes argh! I know I know if this is THE only stumbeling block I encounter on this journey to RNY surgery I will be doing very well! So other than that no more weight loss news! That's pretty much all I have for that! But in personal happy news I have found quite a few of my cousin's on facebook lately and that has made me soo happy! I look forward to getting to know them! So I'm going to say good night as tomorrow I have some stuff planned! <3 Me

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2nd Month Weigh In With My Doctor

So today was my month 2 weigh in with my doctor just one more weigh in to go and it will be all sent to my doctor in Columbia and we'll get an appt to see him and he'll go over things with me and we'll submit my paperwork to Tri Care and hopefully they will be like cool let's do this! So lets see my goal that the doctor sat for me was to lose 8 pounds this month I lost 11 pounds and she was thrilled with that!  I am too! So she wants another 8 pounds for next month as well that will be my third weigh in!  You know when you get ready to commit to something so big and so life changingg nerves can come in to play and this week they have after hearing of a young lady who passed away after she has the sleeve procedure done. It makes the danger of it more real, but I have to look at it from other aspects she had more than just the sleeve she had her gall bladder removed as well as a hernia repaired it was a lot going on there. Where as mine will just be the RNY bypass. I ask you though my friends please pray for this young lady's family this week she left behind a husband and three young daughters, pray for them and pray for her family and close friends as well as they deal with all of this. I spoke to my doctor about this because it has been on my mind alot since I heard about it and we talked about and she agreed with so much going on it added to the risk she reminded me that I didn't know the rest of her health history either. She told me that I was going into this with no big preexisting conditions like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabeties, she said my heart was in excellent condition from the echo cardiogram and she thought that I'd do just fine. It was a bit of reassurance I needed and this was coming from my PCM not the surgeon. I am still seeking God's guidance and will for me each step of the way through this process and if it's meant to be it will be, if it isn't well I guess I'll keep plugging away but I'm hoping this is God's will for me because I could so use this to help me lose all I need to lose so I can continue to be healthy, so I can live a long happy more enjoyable life with my family and friends and so I can be free to be me and not feel weighted down and judged for the outside and not the inside. Well that's all I've got tonight friends! Thanks for reading! <3 Me

Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 10 Day 1.....Slow and Steady Win's The Race....right?

Good morning friends! <3 Well it is the first day of week 10 and I did my weigh in this morning and have no weight loss to report but no weight gain to report either and considering I lost five pounds last week I'm perfectly okay with that and I totally expected that to happen so not even disappointed! Slow and steady wins the race right? I did get around to doing my measurements this past week and I was down 2 inches around my waist for the month, down 1 inch from my hips for the month and 1/2 an inch around my chest and 1 inch around my arm so that was excellent progress as well!!! Sorry I haven't updated my progress picture yet that is purely procrastination on my part! In other weight loss news I completed the portion of my Psychological Evaluation for my pre op requirements so I have now got almost all of my pre-op stuff finished:
Blood work check
Upper GI check
Echocardiogram check
Psych Eval check
All my classes check
All that is left is 2 more weigh in's for my three mths of weight management! I go for my 2nd weigh in for my weight management on the 7th of May and then just one more weigh in, in June then make sure all my paperwork is together, meet with the surgeon, submit my stuff to Tri Care and pray they approve it from what I hear it takes about 10-12 day's for the approval process so please pray that they go ahead and approve me so I don't have to jump through anymore hoops I'd prefer to have my surgery in July while the kids are home so I don't have to worry with getting them to and from school cause Wayne will be starting a new job by the time school starts back with much luck also be in prayer for us in that aspect of our lives. Wayne will retire from the USAF officially 1st of Sept. but he will be on terminal leave mid June. So it would be great if my surgery could happen right before he started a new job so he'd be here to help but also he needs a  job because we do have a family to support and  maybe after my surgery I can find a job I had been looking but haven't found anything yet sadly. And since I started the process of getting the ball rolling on the RNY I haven't been looking as hard though I do have a few prospects of freelance writing for online magazines, blogs and even some more lyrical stuff for music which does excite me because I do love to write especially music aspect!! So that's what's going on around here this week and tonight we shall celebrate our son's 8th birthday today gosh time passes so quickly I can't believe that it was 8 years ago I was laying in a hospital bed snuggling one of the most cutest little boys I have ever laid my eyes on! One of the biggest reasons I want this surgery is to ensure I am healthy and am around to finish raising my babies and so that I can enjoy them so please pray for me and my family! Anyway that's all I got for now people!! I'll check back in probably on May 7th after my appt with my doctor for my 2nd weigh in! And this picture is of my baby boy that I was blessed with 8 years ago today what a sweetheart!!!